Coruba Jamaican Rum 700mL SPECIAL


Jamaican Rum 700mL

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Heavy Jamaican style rum taste, deep and rich with slight sweetness. The nose has a subdued molasses aroma with a refreshing hint of toffee and dark chocolate. In the mouth the flavours are full with the toffee taste echoing the nose and an added edge of liquorice. The finish is long and clean.

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  • by Jared Scully, on January 27, 2013

    Where do I start? The now infamous Dwayne Lee todd AKA Tank or Toby Dirt as better known in the early 2000s made this rich dark tasty rum his own in the day. Residing in Paddington, Sydney he frequented the popular Royal Hotel at 5 Ways. Being the typical older styled Aussie pub the only close call to a dark rum was Mountain Gay and it wasn't even on their top shelf. Dusted off he made his stance and declared to drink in the local every day until they stocked and served his favourite Jamaican rum - Doo Da Coruba! Day by day, week by week young Toadfish (as he was otherwise called) stopped in and drank in the local. He quickly made friends (and enemies) and worked the floor pushing for his Holy Grail rum to no avail. Weeks turned to months and bar managers came and went. Frustrated by this he wrote letters and sent flyers venting his frustration. Until one day he got so smashed he came home only wearing jocks and a shirt, nearly crying I must add he left Australia soon after but returned years later a different man. He still drinks Coruba but now he drinks it with OJ. Yep He’s changed!